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uhhuh URR Crazyy [entries|friends|calendar]
Charles - Singer and Guitarist of Turbulent

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Newness [28 Jan 2005|01:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Goodmorning/evening everyone!  I haven't updated in ages!  Well since my last post, which was around the time of the Abloom show, I have gotten better from my sick ness, and we have been getting ready to record.

I starting taking singing lessons with this lady named Gloria Bennet.  She taught the singers from: OFfspring, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Guns n Roses, and Motley Crue.  Crazy that they were all her students, and now I am.... hopefully that will lead to better things.

I have bought several new things in the last couple months, including:  2 New Washburn Guitars with EMG Active Pick-ups, Takamine Acoustic Guitar, Mesa Boogie 4x12 Cab, Roland JC-120, and I helped my brother pay for his new Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 1000 Cab.

We are trying to set up a west coast tour for the summer.  We have been writing new songs, and changing some old ones just to finalize them all so that we can record them.  We are finally going to have an EP to sell at shows!  We are working on other merch at the shows, if you have any suggestions for merch, such as any item you think would look cool with a Turbulent logo on it, let me know!

Well seeing how this is a long entry, I might as well put up a few stories:

1: I am not sure if I mentioned earlier in my posts about the accident that I got into at Pierce College, so I will just say it anyway.  This is back in September.  I am normally late for school (and most other things as well) and this time, this one special day I decided to be different and get ready and go to school early.  This is about 10-15 mins before class, I turn into Pierce's road, and I come to a stop sign.  No one is a around so I decided to drive through it and in the corner of my eye I see a girl come speeding twoard the stop sign perpendicular to me.  I am practically all the way through the stop sign, thinking that she was going to stop.  Well she tried to qucikly turn right, and she smacked into the side/back of my Suburban.  She caused almost 3,000 in damages, and I still havent gotten it all fixed.  It took forever for her insurance comapny (21st Century) to take liability.  Her father tried to deny that it was her fault, until he felt stupid that there was a witness who testified to the insurance company.  I really need to fix my car soon, because I have been looking into giving it a 4" lift with new 36 inch tires (raising my car a total of 7 inches).  But that will come after the window tinting and the sound system, which cannot be worked on until they replace the side-back door.  Oh well, its still my truck and I think its still bad ass.  Strang thing is that now I want to get a tour bus for the band, but for now, my truck will do.  I acutually named my truck TREST(1994 Chevy Turbo Diesel Suburban.... rare find that almost no one else has in the valley! yeah!!!!).  I named it that, because I was refering to it as the Turbulent Tour Truck, and then I noticed that there are three T's so I could go:  TTT or T3 but thats lame!  So i took the spanish word for 3 (Tres) and added a T to the end making it Tres T.  So yeah.... that's that story!

Story number 2:  The other night, my friend Dillon needed to be picked up from his girlfriend's house.  It was about 12:30AM when he first asked, and I still hadn't known where she lived.  Of course, against my hopes that she lives close, she lives in Pasedena.  I'm thinking:  I can go home and be a good son and stay inside and just go to sleep, or I can help my friend out because he will probably have to sleep outside if no one comes to pick him up (hes young, at his girlfriends house, and doesnt want her dad to chop off his balls so he probably would sleep outside).  So I decided to be the good person thazt I am (sucker) and go pick him up.  At about 1:30AM when im on the 405, going to the 101 E, my mom calls my cell phone wondering when im going to be home.  I told her that John (my bother) and I would be home in a few minutes (total lie).  She believed it and went to sleep instead of waiting for us (my smoothness on the phone worked... yes!).  The only thing is that I didnt know that she just went to sleep, so I was paranoid for the next hour and a half, worrying and waiting to see if she would call me because she was waiting up for us.  I had it running through my head that I was doing something good for someone and at the same time run the risk of getting into trouble (shows to me how doing good things, no matter what time, can still be a bad thing that gets you in trouble).  Anyway, so I pick him up, and he pays me like $5.  If you have never driven to paseda, its like 7 or 8 gallons for my suburban, and that's about $15 or $16, I got $5 plus it was really late at night.  It's cool thought because he is my friend and I'm just a nice person, I guess.  But yeah we are coming back home and on the fucking 118 freeway, right before the exit, the highway patrol had the freeway marked off and everyone was held at a stop.  I think we were there for almost an hour, because I dropped Dillon off at 5 AM and got home at about 5:15 AM right when my mom decided it would be good to wake up.  She sees my brother and I sneaking back into the house and we get into trouble.  How lame is it that I did something good for someone and come home to get punished.  My parents didnt even care that I picked him up when he didnt have a ride.  Oh well!


Well I hope to update this soon again, but I forget about live journal a lot.  Anyway, take care!



GO TO:   www.myspace.com/turbulent  and add us on Myspace!!! Thank you!

7 love Turbulent

New Show [30 Sep 2004|02:31am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

We have a new show on October 23 with Abloom and Ananova.  We are selling tickets and everyone should go.  We go on at 9 but you should be there by 8:30.  Saturday night spot with Abloom, doesnt get much better than that.  Check out Abloom at:  www.AbloomMusic.com


3 love Turbulent

Shows [18 Jun 2004|03:13am]

I haven't updated in a while so I thought it might be good to update before a show.

Our last show at the Whisky turned out to be amazing and we were really pissed that their camera guy was not there to film it.  M Productions told us that we "packed the house" that night.  It was awesome seeing the whole place full.  Thank you to everyone who came out to see us and I hope that you can come out again to future shows.

We had a Malibu Inn Show schedualed for Friday June 18th, but I guess the Malibu Inn screwed over M Productions and so we were hooked up with a show at the Whisky where we are selling Tickets for really low prices.  We are playing on Wednesday June 23rd at 8:45PM but it would be good to get their about 8:15PM.  We just want people to go and be in the crowd for the energy and for the video (and for the music of course!).  We are getting a tape of this whisky show, Tickets are only $8 and they are less if you buy more tickets.  If you sell 5 tickets for us, then we will give you a free ticket.  Let me know if you are interested by responding to this post, or IMing me at:  MetalGTarMaster  Thank you.


Take it easy everyone,



6 love Turbulent

Turbulent [02 May 2004|06:27pm]
[ mood | weird ]

My band Turbulent is looking for a new, permanent 2nd guitarist.  We just need someone who is serious about making it, who likes the music we play, who is good at playing guitar, having transportation is a plus, and at least some equipment is needed.  We are very serious about making it and we use top of the line equipment, but at the same time we like to joke around and have a good time with what we are doing.  We practice 3-5 times a week and live in Northridge.  I have a Dual Rectifier that I would sell to whoever can fill the position as the second guitarist.  If you know someone who meets these things, or if you yourself meets this, then IM me at:  MetalGTarMaster or leave a message so I can back to you.

We have our good friend Tim helping us out for the Whisky show on May 30th, but we need someone who wants to do this permanently. Check out our Whisky show and leave a message if you are interested in going. If you can post in your live journal that we need a new guitarist and about our whisky show, that would be so awesome. We can use any help that you can offer. Thank you very much.


18 love Turbulent

[10 Apr 2004|05:09am]

Fuck making two parts for this entry.  Just read!!!

My band, TURBULENT, is playing a show at the WHISKY A GO GO on MAY 30th, at 9 PM.  That is a Sunday, but it's a Holiday the next day, so need to worry about school!  We are playing with some tight bands (Idol Eyes, The Waiting Hurt, and Wrecked... to name a few).  Each band member is selling tickets for $10!!!  You can either buy it from us for $10, or spend $15 at the door.  IM me if you are interested or want to know more.  My AIM screen name is "MetalGTarMaster".  Check out the website for updates: www.turbulentmusic.com .  This is our first show in Hollywood so we want to make it a big one.  Tell all your friends about it!  We will be giving out FREE STICKERS, and possibly selling our CD's by then too  We should have new shirt designs for guys and girls by then too.  I hope to see everyone there.  We have a new guitarist, and have new equipment so check it out.  PEACE for now!


12 love Turbulent

Meteora Tour [16 Mar 2004|02:50am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Part 1:

I just got back, a few hours ago, from the Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Story of the Year, and POD concert. The night turned out sicker than I had expected. We were waiting outside to be let into the Forum and I got to meet the singer and drummer from POD. Then once inside I found my way to a backstage area, but I thought it was the other entrance to the pit section. So I am in this area and I meet everyone from Story of the Year, Markku and Chris (from hoobastank). I talked to Chris about drumming and that I would try to catch his drum stick and he said that he will look out for me (keep that in mind). Then I walk back out to the pit and can over hear the security people getting mad that I didn't have a tag and that I was let in the backstage area. Then I took a picture with Doug from hoobastank. Then I went to the Hoobastank "Meet and Great" where I got all their auto graphs, took some photos, and all the band members told me "Turbulent Rocks!" and I got it on video. Hopefully we will put it on the Turbulent website soon. Well after the "meet and great" I went back to the pit area and Story of the Year came out and played an amazing show. The singer came out to the crowd right where we were and saw the sticker I gave to him and took another from my bro and he was holding it up while singing in the crowd. That was until he want back up to the stage and put the sticker in his pocket. They did a cover of "Enter Sandman" which was badass. Then Hoobastank came out and played an awesome show. Doug Came over to our section of the pit a lot. I nodded my head and showed him the turbulent stickers and he nodded back and pointed, it was sick. They did a cover of "Girls just want to have fun" which was funny to hear Doug sing like that. At the end of their show, Chris (the drummer) threw one stick to one side and then came right over to where I was and threw the stick right at me and now I have it sitting in my room (It was hard to keep it intact for the rest of the night). POD played an awesome set as well. By this time of the night, were were all so tired from being pushed around in the pit. POD played some tight shit and even played some new songs. Next was Linkin Park, who played an amazing show. Seeing this show from the seats, and then from the pit, I must admit that standing in the pit is about 1000x better than seats. Their performance was flawless. They ended the show with "one step closer" and the singer of POD and Story of the Year (Doug didn't come out this time) came out and sang the last part of the song with linkin park. It was an amazing show and I had a lot of fun. I can't wait to see all these bands again sometime.

If I knew how to put pictures on to a livejournal I would put pictures from the show, but I don't really know how to anymore. If you want to check out some pictures you can IM me at: MetalGTarMaster. Keep it real everyone.

PS: I started working on a pedal board for my guitar a couple weeks ago, and now I'm almost finished. Just a few more minor things i must get and I will be done. We are in the process of writing new stuff and improving a couple old songs to fit our new style. PEACE.

Part 2:

Just start caring so you can read part 1! PEACE

9 love Turbulent

oh yeah [08 Feb 2004|07:59pm]
If you are not familiar with the new format of my Live Journal, then please read the new format below.

[PART 1]:

Oh yeah... I had a good time on Friday with my sis, Serena. That was cool. Ttyl... PEACE.


[PART 2]:

Fuck you!
6 love Turbulent

none [08 Feb 2004|02:17am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well if you haven't noticed, I rarely update my livejournal. Maybe I should, because then more people would read it and then I would get more interesting feedback, and new friends to talk to. I decided to divide my entrees into 2 parts: The part for the people who care about me, and the part for the people who don't. Conveniently labeled as "Part 1" and "Part 2" ("Part 1" being for those who care and "Part 2" being for those who don't.) Please give me feedback if you think this is a good idea. Here we go....

[PART 1]:

Well the past few weeks I have been writing songs with the band. I guess you could call our new sound a more "power rock" sound or a "driving rock" sound. Right now, our name is still Turbulent, but there is a possibility we might have to change it to avoid legal issues in the future.

Paul, Nima, and I went to Venice the other day to get some shit that we needed for the band, and possibly just to get away and enjoy the ocean.

I just got a webcam, so I will be setting that up soon. If you have a webcam, maybe you and I can be buddies.

School start's on monday for me. I have 7 potential classes, but I think I am going to only end up taking 5. Having a long break was great, but man it was so long that I really don't want to go back. School should be something that you want to look foreword to, not wait for it to be over. Oh well, this is life, and it's not that easy... probably because I haven't found a way to cheat life... that would make it easier though.

I work at Ameci's Pizza in Porter Ranch as a Delivery Man... not boy... and I... well deliver pizzas. It's a kick back job and I can still have it while I got to school. If I am working, you can call and have me deliver your pizza personally.

One last thing I have to say is that I have gotten into that "OC" show and it is one of the best shows I have seen. And this concludes this entree, Thank you very much everyone. I will talk to you all soon, and I will hopefully update this more often. By the way, you can read [Part 2], just keep in mind that it's not for you. Also, thank's for caring! It's those who care whose friendship is worth the most. Now for the ones who don't care...

[PART 2]:

Well I just have one thing to say here... the truth is that I don't really care about you either. PEACE.

5 love Turbulent

New Year [16 Jan 2004|04:08am]
[ mood | excited ]

Well school isn't going to start for another few weeks, which just means that paul and I are going to be writing a lot for Turbulent. The stuff we were playing earlier at practice was crazy, I can't wait until we start gigging again. Tomorrow/Today I am going to UCSB and I'm going to visit some friends up there. I went to this casting call for models and actors the other day. It was a bunch of shit because the guys just wanted everyone's money. I didn't leave that place disappointed though, because the guy who interviewed me leaned over and told me that I have the look and personality. He said I should get a head-shot photo, portfolio, and get a good agent. That was pretty cool. Well this weekend should be fun, minus the fact that Maria can't be with me in UCSB. One last thing I would like to say is that I really like that OC show, its sick. Simple Life is sick too... but we all know why. Anyway... PEACE out.


12 love Turbulent

[20 Dec 2003|02:39pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Hey Everyone, School is out and I don't have to go back until February. We just played an awesome show last night. But we might not have one for a while because Turbulent is going through some changes. The CD is going to be out in like a month but we are going to have a little different style, but hopefully it will blow everyone away. If you care about how I did on my finals, I got an A or a B in Psychology, a C on Biology, and I really don't know what I got on Calculus, but I can tell you I will have to take that class over. Well it's time to get back to enjoying my vacation. I'll see you all later... PEACE.


9 love Turbulent

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